At Coral we work with a range of different fabrics printed either with dye sublimated or UV inks, from display fabrics to fine voiles. Dye sublimated fabrics remain flexible unlike other printing methods that can cause fabrics to stiffen, and in the case of translucent fabrics the print looks as good from the back as it does from the front. Another benefit of using dye-sublimation is that a printed fabric graphic can withstand 100 or more machine washes at low temperature without a loss of colour.

Display Polyester.

A lightweight knitted 100% polyester textile that is ultra-matte and

non-glare  for frontlit display applications. Recommended uses include: tension fabric graphics, banners and stage backdrops, displays, events and exhibition graphics.

Backlit Polyester.

A lightweight knitted 100% polyester textile with a light diffusing coating to the reverse for backlit applications. This fabric is designed to avoid pinhole effect when used on LED lightboxes. Recommended uses include: tensioned fabric graphics in LED lightboxes.


Flag is 100% polyester knitted mesh. With great print show through to the backside. Recommended uses include: all variations of outdoor and display flags, lamppost banners, POS and interior decor such as partition screens and tensioned fabric frame walls.


Canvas is a 100% heavy knitted  polyester textile. It has a soft texture and appearance that is very matte and rugged. Recommended uses include: indoor banners and wall art, stage backdrops, deck chairs and directors chairs, event and trade show graphics as well as soft furnishings.


Vestaweave is a 100% polyester knitted mesh. A very lightwieght textile that is matte and perforated with small holes for reduced wind resistance. Recommended uses include: indoor and outdoor applications especially where lightweight and reduced resistance  to wind are important characteristics such as: heras fencing, scaffold banners, crowd control barrier covers, sports stadia and event branding and flags.


Taffeta is a plain polyester woven textile that is very lightweight with a smooth, lustrous surface that has a slight sheen. Recommended uses include: interior decor, lightweight banners, umbrellas and flags.


Artex is a strong, lightweight, extremely flexible white polyester fabric with a PVC coating. Designed for indoor use it offers high tear and tensile strength with excellent colour reproduction in a matte, satin finish. Recommended uses include: wall coverings, roller blinds, event and trade show graphics.

Blockout Polyester.

A 100% knitted polyester textile with a black back stretchable coating to the reverse. It has a non-glare surface and blockout backing. Recommended uses include: tension fabric systems, banners and displays when zero show through is required.


A lightweight 100% polyester knitted textile with a soft satin finish to one face. When dye sub printed it gives a luxurious sheen to the graphic. Recommended uses include: indoor banners and stage backdrops, displays, event and exhibition graphics.

Textured Wallpaper.

An embossed, heavy duty textured wall covering with a poly cotton fabric backing. Similar to suede fabric with its slightly stippled surface, nap and texture, it has a light surface that can be utilised for nearly any project. The light texture works well to reduce glare from direct light, while adding a warmth to the print. Recommended uses include:

wall art, bespoke wallpaper and murals for offices, restaurants and retail.


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