What We Do.

At Coral, we encourage you to think differently about your working, leisure and social spaces.


Using large-format printing, we produce graphics for any application , whether it's table cloths, portable display stands, wallpaper, tensioned fabric systems, modular exhibition stands, wall or glass - the creative possibilities are endless.


Ever noticed how your environment can affect your mood, performance and general health? Then let Coral help you create interior artwork to uplift, excite, motivate and inspire.

Wall Coverings.

With our range of wallpapers introduce texture, throw in a bold splash of colour against a stark white background, produce unique patterns, highlight architectural features with contemporary wall art or give life to feature walls with visual interest.

Lightbox Solutions.

Reliable, effective and very affordable with low maintenance and running costs, LED lightboxes give a clean, bright look which are ideal for showing off images of products or brands in a way that makes them stand out.

Cupboard Love.

If limited wall space is a problem, even furniture like storage wall cupboards, lockers, filing cabinets and drawers can bring a room to life with digitally printed vinyl.

Creative Structures.

Custom made solutions to meet unique and complex briefs. Coral Design & Display specialises in producing innovative fabric shapes including cylinders, rings, spheres, cubes and simple curves.

Glass Manifestation.

With leading-edge print technology we can help you transform flat or curved glass areas into vibrant, inspired working environments, ideal for advertising, interior decoration, privacy or identity branding, whether short or long term.

Events & Exhibitions.

Gone are the days when exhibition stands were angular and ordinary. Add a touch of theatre using fluid shapes, hanging backdrops, freestanding LED lightboxes and tension fabric systems complemented by a range of floor, wall and window and window graphics.

Band Backdrops.

Over years, Coral have created outstanding  backdrops, speaker scrims and hanging banners for some of music's most well known artists such as Amy Winehouse, The Stereophonics, Rhianna and many more.

Tension Fabric Systems.

The ability to tension material in an almost invisible frame providing drama, scope  and a high level of visual impact as well as a tactile environment in one seamless graphic in a variety of different forms; freestanding, curved, wall mounted, vertical curved, archways or suspended with a tension fabric systems, the print is always the centre of attention!.


Graphic Products



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